THE ST. LOUIS HOLINESS CONVENTION is a great place to network with leaders who share a common passion for the cause of Scriptural Holiness.  So that attendees may enjoy extended fellowship at meal times we offer a delicious assortment of entrees, salads, vegetables, and desserts that will be served in the Parsonage next door to our host church.  In addition we have sodas and snack foods between meals and after services.  All of this is provided for a freewill offering.  If you have special diet needs be sure to let us know.  

LODGING - There are a number of excelling lodging choices within 5 miles of the host church, (FAITH COMMUNITY CHURCH, 2969 N. Lindbergh, St. Ann, MO  60374).  When making reservations you may choose MARYLAND HEIGHTS, WESTPORT, CREVE COEUR, or ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.  Those who would like for the Convention Team to make reservations at a significant discount should contact us by calling (314) 607-1424.

WELCOME - A welcome packet with detailed information will be available in the main entrance.