Dear Friends of Holiness,

We need to get together.  It’s important.

We are witnessing tectonic cultural transformation--the ground is shifting under our feet.
Everything from technology to theology is evolving.   What was once held to be
“self-evident truth,” is now endangered and what was once thought to be
obvious deception is now embraced.  Most Americans worry that the nation is on
the wrong track, but only a few seem interested in the right track--”Life, Liberty, and
the Pursuit of Holiness.”

It is vital that we understand our times and recognize the amazing opportunities
that are before us.  

But truth without power will not meet the challenge of our day.  We can shout and tweet,
preach and teach, publish and plead with this lost generation until we are blue in the face,
but unless the truth we speak is delivered in and by the Spirit we will never win souls. 
This is a spiritual battle. 

The Apostle Paul knew that to winning arguments was not the same as winning souls. 
The lost would not be saved with enticing words of man’s wisdom.  They would be saved
if they could experience the power of God and see a demonstration of the Spirit.

we’ve called together one of the greatest assemblies of prayer warriors, preachers,
writers, teachers, and leaders to meet here in St. Louis, February 25 & 26 to go
deeper.  Shallow forms of godliness will not suffice.  We are determined to go deeper.
We’re doing all we can to make it easy for you to come.  Delicious meals will be served
for a free-will offering.  Rooms can be reserved at a discount.  Transportation from
Lambert International Airport, MetroLink and the Bus Terminal is readily available.
If we can help you in any way please call or text (314) 607-1424, FB, E-mail

EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  There is an exciting network of that is forming at the SLHC.
Because of the times we must meet up.  See you soon!